Among the earliest Avatars to be created, the Vicegerent was for a long time dormant in the Deepwoods.[1] He was, to all external obsevers, nothing more than an empty turtle shell.[2] The shell grew over a period of one-hundred years and TOBIA the ant emerged from it when she at last returned from her time in the Gap.[3]

He would emerge from his dormancy when Belruarc, chased by a young Thulemiz, found herself cornered in the Deepwoods, saving her from having her soul absorbed by the necromancer.[4] It is apparent that he was expecting and waiting for her, for his very first words are, 'You have come.'[5] This eventuality was likely the very reason behind his creation, and he handed Berluarc a red scarf[6] whose exact purpose remains unclear.

Travelling with together, they eventually meet Astarte and convince her to send her Avatar, Brown, to partake in the Stand against Vestec's avatar, Violence.[7] Shortly after butting in to the Stand, Brown decides she does not wish to fight, leaving Violence and the Vicegerent alone.[8] After failing to convince the other Avatars that Jvan is by far the more dangerous foe, he attempts to teleport Violence away from the scene but is stopped by Yang'Ze. [9] A fight ensued between them which ends inconclusively. However, the Vicegerent's wounds appear to be so severe that he perishes shortly after.[10] His remains are vapourised by Belruarc and would later see many surprisingly useful uses.[11]

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