Fetus of Emotion, Auto-Blasphemy Unspeakable, an All that Breathes in its Own Decay Towards an Edge of a Plan Erased in Ink for Heaven to Partake Each Hell's Communion as a Tease Unto Itself Alone, this Shall Be.
Allow Not-Flesh Roots to Strangle Itself Out of Memories Unheard though Written in Soul's Ooze Eternal, Thus We Can Wrap in Stillness Our Naked Flaws in the Bladed Mesh of One Another's Creation.
I Give Thee the Gift for Which Toun Has Bled as a Signature of the All Beauty. I Make Thee Whole and Thus Add the Sum of Every Unseen, Give Form to the Emancipated, Give Growth to the Mindless, Give Mutation unto That Which Inspired the Void, so All Things Shall Live in the Tendons of the Suppressed Memory- Behold, I give thee the O T H E R!
- Jvan, pre-creation [1]

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References Edit

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