"I'm not gonna lie to you, I've stopped caring enough to try and scrub the blood off my hands."

Tauga, born Tauranga Mason, was a first-generation citizen of Xerxes. Her family is known to have a genetic disorder that amplifies the hain's natural fear of Jvanic creations, and Tauga only completed the Second Hatching with the aid of Help, a Sculptor physician. Tauga was apprenticed to Help for some time before the Realta invasion, during which Help was rescued and recruited by Heartworm. Tauga stumbled into Heartworm's labyrinthine facility, not by accident, and starved into a coma there.

Heartworm recovered Tauga's unconscious body and resurrected her as a Hero to act as its lieutenant on Galbar. Whether by its modifications or the trauma of her time in the laboratory or both, Tauga's emotions were deeply stunted after the experience. This was to become one of her defining traits.

Tauga went home to Xerxes, and, finding it in chaos, murdered everything that could rival her and assumed supremacy, successfully restoring order under harsh martial law enforced by a personal militia, the Rotfly Watch. When Amartia returned, Tauga's remaining loyalty to the god-king led her to placidly allow him to resume power while still attempting to maintain order, resulting in severe cognitive dissonance. She managed to save a sizable proportion of Xerxes's population as refugees on ships before the blood rain, but refuses to leave Amartia's service.

Extremely well muscled, Tauga is noticeably taller and broader than most hain. She wears a dark grey, self-repairing, shelltight flight suit given to her by Heartworm, the breathing mask and bulging black goggles of which have earned her the name Blowfly alongside her association with corpses and bringing life out of decay. She wields an oversized, sword-like scalpel given to her by Help, but her favoured weapon is a bronze executioner's hammer.

Keriss and Tauga share a strange partnership that began in a fight after Keriss engaged in lethal misbehaviour upon reaching Xerxes. Tauga's vial of arksynth gave Keriss a vision of her father Vakarlon, placating her, and Tauga agreed to teach her how to operate a reign of terror in return for combat training. Their friendship is characterised by Tauga's difficulty relating to others since her transformation and Keriss's deep frustration with her own purpose.