Qaseer is a human Rukban male belonging to the Azad tribe. He is the cousin of the former-(Great Leader) Shaqmar of the Sunlit Eyes and one of his close and trusted friends. Qaseer is particularly well-known for his short temper and many wives, as well as his innumerable 'rivals' across Rukbany.

A warrior of renown, Qaseer duelled the famed Ma'Erkoz warrior, Hunayra (one of Qaseer's rivals), and defeated him in a particularly nasty pre-battle fight. Following the battle, Qaseer was able - at last - to capture one of Hunayra's wives, Arya, whom Qaseer had long desired and had planned to wed before Hunayra 'stole' her from him.

Seeing Shaqmar's miserable state following the defeat of the Ma'Erkoz, Qaseer organised a party to go out with Shaqmar and search for Layla. However, when they have searched for long and it appears that Shaqmar is willing to cross the land of potentially hostile tribes to look for her, Qaseer forcibly puts a stop to the search - thus earning Shaqmar's fury.

It is unclear what part Qaseer played in Layla's rescue, and whether his relationship with Shaqmar remained the same before the latter's suicide.