The third of Ilunabar's Divas, Piena was created from the endless heaps of plans, reports and schematics and her main purpose is to keep the method and archives behind Ilunabar's work.

The most diligent of the Divas, her work is behind the more functional projects of beauty (such as museums and palaces), the recording of history, the indexation of entities (such as animals, plants, people), and the overall bureaucracy behind the social side of her master's work (such as the trade of Alefpria and the Grand Parade)

Since her work is often in the sidelines, Ilunabar has granted her the title of the Gran Diva, which also places her as the leader of the Grand Parade. Her workshop in the Pictaraika is a museum often called Index or "Anukramanika Akhanda", despite the fact that such project is in an early stage, lacking the staffing and tools necessary to reach even 1% of its desired content, it is still possibly the largest physical collection of mortal and godly information in existence.

She is very serious if compared to her sisters Notte, Meimu and Chronicle. She is also the only Diva that can be described as "cold". Even if being around some of the most frivolous beings on the universe can get to her nerves at times, most of her reactions to such things are within the range of sarcastic mild-disappointment.

Manors e gena 【みとせのりこ】

Manors e gena 【みとせのりこ】