The second of Ilunabar's Divas, Notte was created from the glass made from a molten Ashling and her main purpose is to be the diva closer to mankind.

She isn't a hard worker, only doing what she absolutely must do or is ordered to. Still, she is the patron of glass and glow, and has worked in a few buildings featuring stained glass. Her workshop in the Pictaraika is the Em'Ef, a phantom city full of parks, cafes and amenities featuring experiences not available to the mortal world.

Her religious figure is shady, and often confused with other gods related to deception. Many communities consider her a trickster, some humans see her as the one who led them out of Arcon and due to that hold special grudge.

She is easy going if compared to her sisters Meimu and Piena, however, in comparison to Chronicle, she is far more open about her feelings and way less dissimulated, which is ironic, considering the mortal's view of her.