Niciel is a Goddess of Light, and one of many beings to appear at Fate and Amul'Sharar's call. She is known for her benevolent nature, as well as her seclusion within the Valley of Peace.

Appearance Edit

Niciel takes on the form of a female Angel with four white wings, two much smaller than the others, and long white hair. She wears a blue shoulderless blouse atop a long dress that extends past her feet.

Domain of Light Edit

The Light is the essence of all things good and bright. Whether it be the brightness of the sun or the goodness that resides within people, it will be rare to find something without a speck of Light.

Purity Edit

Purity is the essence of all that is good and, well, pure. Purity exists in many forms, from the tranquility of a unpolluted forest to the kindness within a little girl. Niciel uses this to maintain the purity of things around her, and allow it to grow within those that contain Purity. It is commonly associated with the ability to heal, though while Niciel can heal many different types of injuries and remove most curses, most mortals seem to be unable to heal anything beyond physical wounds. Purity energy easily identified by its bright pink color.

Holy Edit

With the power of Holy comes the power to smite foes with Light. Fueled by one's beliefs of justice and righteousness, Light is granted physical form to do as one wills. Niciel is no exception to this, and will use this power to repel attackers, rarely using it with the intent to harm others. Holy energy is identified by its bright yellow color.

Protection Edit

To use Protection is to shield one from harm, whether it be from physical assault, curses, or other types of harm. One must have a strong desire to protect others in order to utilize this type of power to its full potential. It mainly focuses on creating barriers to prevent physical injuries, although wards and enchantments to prevent non-physical harm are still possible to create, albiet rarer due to their difficulty and complexity to create. Protection energy is identified by its bright blue color.

Personality Edit

Niciel treats everyone equally with pleasantries and kindness, regardless of who they are,and does her best to ensure no one is given unjust treatment. Even with chaotic evil beings, she tries to be gentle yet stern with them at first, and will use force only if the situation requires it. Though there are times that she gets mad, she tries to maintain her calm and kind demeanor, though one can still tell by her tone of voice and the aura she gives off. 

Theme Songs Edit

Undertale OST: 085 - Fallen Down (Reprise)

Mabinogi OST - One Stormy Day (Dowra's Theme)