The first of Ilunabar's Divas, Meimu was created from a white rose found near The Deepwoods and her main purpose was to keep Ilunabar close to nature.

Her work is mostly related to botany, being not only a patron of the flowers, but also of medicine, tea, weaving and hallucinogens. In some human cultures, her religious figure is mixed with that of her sister Piena and the realta Elysium.

Her most notable contribution so far are the Godly Flowers. Recently, she won her own layer in the holy site Pictaraika, a great expanse that is set to be composed of gardens, but has yet to be built.

She is serious if compared to her sisters Notte and Chronicle, yet, in comparison to Piena, she is more moody and less strict. Despite being the most innocent looking Diva, she at times can be the bitterest of them, casually engaging in knife-like passive aggression in reaction to even minor annoyances.

Tampopo - Monaca

Tampopo - Monaca