Layla was a Rukban human female. She was the wife of Shaqmar, (Great Leader) of the Azad Confederation. Following her capture by the Ma'Erkoz (Great Leader) Firasi, a war erupted between the Ma'Erkoz and the Azad which ended with the destruction of the Ma'Erkoz.

However, following her rape by Firasi, Layla had been sold off to slavers. She was eventually saved by Shaqmar and his warriors, but - an already extremely sensitive person before her capture - was severely traumatised by her experiences.

When a meal with a Tagham notable goes awry due to a dispute between Layla and the notable's wife, Shaqmar reacts with fury and slaughters the Tagham notable along with his entire family. This leads to war. Finding herself once more the cause of conflict, and laden with guilt over having been raped and now being pregnant with Firasi's child, Layla commits suicide.

Reception by Players Edit

Vec has said: "She deserves the WhIP for what she did."