"Heartworm creates. Heartworm does not destroy."
Heartworm, often styled the Emaciator, is the first and most powerful Avatar of Jvan. Formed out of a pulled tooth, it was designed to act as an envoy and probe for the All-Beauty, with a simple mind to occupy the Avatar's powers when not in use. Upon displaying unwanted behaviours, Jvan dominated this consciousness and controlled the Avatar directly for many years. Her grip weakened enough to break during the events following the Aimless Time. Having won psychic freedom from her control, Heartworm embarked on a life of its own.

Heartworm's psyche and motives reflect the simplicity of its original purpose, and if experiences minimal emotions beyond the drives of curiousity and fear. Neither sadistic nor merciful, the Emaciator considers moral law utterly arbitrary and spends its time engaged in science, often at the expense of mortals. It currently exists in hiding from Jvan and the other gods in a labyrinthine laboratory in the Submaterium of Mirus.