The Battle of the Tempest (sometimes referred to as 'the village battle') is one of the major battles which took place with Vestec's hordes of chaos.

When Vestec sent his hordes of chaos to march across Galbar, one horde contained corrupted hain and angels (as well as Violet the Fiberling), and was sent towards Cornerstone. However, on the way to Cornerstone, the horde would rampage across many inhabited lands. Teknall and Kyre mobilised to stop this horde, fortifying the hain village now known as Hillfort. Teknall sent Gerrik Far-Teacher to rally the hain, while Kyre appeared under the guise of the mortal Wind Striker and taught the hain the ways of warfare.[1] Significant advances were made to Stone Age warfare, which Gerrik spread to other villages.[2]

To reinforce Hillfort, Teknall also prepared some urtelem to join the fight, and convinced Vizier Ventus to send the Conclave of the Winds to provide air support against the fallen angels. Vestec's Avatar Violence would also have been present in the battle if he had not been killed earlier during the events of Stand.

The battle itself was tempestuous, although the hain (with their reinforcements) managed to emerge victorious, scattering the horde.[3] It is from this event that Wind Striker derives much of his fame amongst mortals.

References Edit

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