Wow (also 'wow', 'waw', 'whow', 'whaw', 'whoa', 'woa', and 'woah') is the first sound recorded to have ever been uttered - both in the pre-existence of the Divinus universe and post-existence. The very first to utter this mysterious sound was the goddess Astarte in the pre-existence of Divinus I (Mk.I).[1] Arguis immediately, having foreknowledge, immediately repeated the 'Wow' and let her know that she will 'get a kick' out of these words when she saw them in the history books.[2] Arguis was thus the second being to utter the 'Wow' in pre-existence.

Once the universe had been created, it was the god of time, Vowzra, who uttered the first 'Wow'. In so doing, he inadvertently set into motion the 'Wow' law, making it so that every single creature in the Divinus universe must utter 'Wow' on first coming into existence.[3] When newborns emerge, it is not a high-pitched screach or scream that signals their health and well-being, but the utterly confused - sometimes flabbergasted, amused, or amazed - 'Wow'.

Arguis was the first to corrupt the original 'Wow', whistling to himself variations of 'wow' and 'whoa'.[4] Astarte was once more an innovator in the field of 'Wow' when she used the term to express how impressive it was to throw dirt - while retaining spotless clean hands.[5] Others known to have muttered the 'Wow' were Svieand,[6] the Dyun upon first being created,[7] and Zerabil.[8]

Undasis, in a never-again repeated anomaly, was once so amazed (when Vowzra and Escre created life) that they thought even the 'Wow' could not capture their level of amazement.[9] Most are of the opinion that they were confused or heavily inebriated at the time. It is also known that Zerabil once used the 'Wow' to express intense pain upon landing on his more delicate parts.[10] He is also known to have used it to express both fear and a desire for another party to be careful where they were waving their long, sharp-edged, metal rod.[11] Astarte also used the 'Wow' to express amazement at shock when Vowzra summoned 'gaping holes in the sky'.[12]

The first being to utter 'Wow' in the pre-existence of Divinus II (Mk.II) was Teknall.[13] Oddly, it was not the initial awe that caused Teknall to utter the 'Wow', but a subsequent feeling of "inspiration". This is an odd and unique reaction that has not been observed again since. Ilunabar was the next to utter 'Wow'. In a paradoxical turn of events, she did not in fact make the sound generally recognisable as 'Wow', but rather, expressed the 'Wow' through her actions and silence.[14] This has created huge controversy over weather the 'Wow' is a recognisable sound, or whether it is in fact a particular "feeling", "emotion", or "state of mind/being". Scholars have debated this matter but no definitive answer has been reached. The Angels, upon first being created by Niciel, faithfully uttered 'Wow'.[15] Chroma expressed the 'Wow' upon seeing Ilunabar - this time it appears to have expressed shock and disgust at how "ugly" Ilunabar was to Chroma.[16] She also used it to express her admiration and surprise at Notte's speed in gathering food.[17] Belvast's first explicit utterance of 'Wow' came when his gameboard created a particularly complicated game - seeing this, he uttered the 'Wow' to express surprise and, perhaps, confusion and delight.[18] Chroma again used the 'Wow' upon seeing boats which were "like one of those boats from the history class.'[19] It is thought that this usage expressed recognition. Astarte's first utterance of the 'Wow' in Mk.II came when she saw some of Jvan's creations in outer space - she appears to have uttered it with with the intent of conveying how breath-taken she was by its beauty.[20] Chroma once more used - in its form 'Whoa' - when she realised that Susa was something of a "celebrity".[21] It is uncertain what emotion it was conveying in this context. She once more expressed it in that form upon seeing many shooting stars.[22] The latest 'Wow', also by Chroma in its 'Whoa' form, was uttered upon her meeting Lifprasil, who greeted her first. Her response to this was what appears to have been a shocked, surprised, confused, and flustered "Whoa... Ah?"[23]

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