Here Where Gods Are Gathered... Edit

This wiki has been made as a repository for the cancerous growth of the lore of the forum play-by-post roleplay and collaborative story known as Divinus II. The roleplay is hosted on RPGuild here.

Feel Free to Dump and/or CurateEdit

We as players may as well make ourselves useful. Try to port your character and creations into the wiki and set up categories if they have not already been set up. Whatever makes this wiki easier to navigate will help us all. If there is a discrepancy added by another player, be sure to point it out in the RP OOC thread or via Private Message on RPGuild. Having separate conversations using wikia's communication features may become tedious to keep up with.

When the categories get set up, we may link to the main ones here on the front page.

As well, try to be helpful about the information on your pages. Make links to other pages judiciously, consult existing pages for examples, and do what you can to help others with their permission.

For Theme Suggestions... Edit

...Background images, colour scheme suggestions, and other higher stuff in the wiki, send a PM via the RPGuild to Muttonhawk. The bastard ought to be made useful every now and then.

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